Saturday, December 1, 2012

Arming FSA Revolutionary

While the world is scavenging their imbeciles humanity nonsense like  flaking spam mails in their junk box, the  hypocrisy is  last 20 or months, 130 countries they called themselves “Friend of Syria” o yeah looking good, window dressing cost for nothing just attending meetings for exposing for the world media for  angelic smile beneath wolf intentions, cost of millions of Syrian people suffering,  there is lots of other meetings and talking , milked walked talked like a con-artist with motionless baseless cure alls, the useless unsc is a  worst of all an archetype of kind of bully trotted out their endless bizarre fairy tooth game, and west hid their   fat asses behind Russia veto and  thankful for Russia,  Pizza Hutt variety cheap menu shows of its rudiment  of veto  and maintain  their comfy statuesque  expense  of millions of Syrian people suffering, while UN assembles collecting  condemning endlessly uselessly,  humanitarians organizations bunch of  professional  bird watchers, thick off their thick box how many people died or refugees….the world is nest of  racketeers, hysterical parrots of heartlands,  talk talk  mimic as spectators and watching the terrorist criminal Assad  carried atrocity.

Senseless world  while west et al “ non lethal weapon, no-no-fly-zone …humanitarian…” parroting  and waiting as spectators to see who is going to win,   unless one side( FSA revolutionary et al preferably) precisely decidedly decisively win they don’t want to interfere… cost, unknown risk they afraid of…thinking of how could the do cheaply… well I can tell you what, the difference between cheaply and cost effectively. If you want to cheaply in Syria the cost  will be more expensive!   Well then west et al stop their  nonsense   “ non lethal weapon, no-no-fly-zone …” arming FSA  et al and let them fight, that is Syrian people have been saying, they are fighters, they know how to fight, least do that way, make them have firepower( if not equal to terrorist criminal regime) and they can fight with terrorist regime, this is their personal war, they are immensely determined,  motivated and empowered, that is 90% of wining already and they need weapons, non-lethal and  lethal weapons, they are military, weapon is part of them naturally.  In my view jihad or extremists nothing to worry about! Yes if the world not intervene there will be radicalization on the ground, but most of the Muslim FSA revolutionary are, something they can depend on the ground while their life on line, same as any war, any religion, sense of belongs to!   Whether you are FSA revolutionary side or criminal Assad side, one side precisely win on the ground, until then you forget about soft parrot talk OK? Also Russia happy to obligate terrorist assads' pathetic game because suite them, as Syrian people -in middle - most suffer from this!