Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Season of Shopaholic

So many talks, media scavenge cyber space, one way straight street talking,  eaten beaten carbonized word of wording into their stuffed mouth, stiffed starched white snowy charismas pudding bowel.  All these fat people hard wired noses into their wine glass, tingles tingles silvery spoonfuls vengeful attacking of their rose-buck still life in a bank river. Endless message from god/godless of messengers shopping mall whole sale, people are  magnificently knitted out their brain-drain  try to make a quack buck  for their  season of greeting! Why  the street so rude?  Why so many people demand? Why is this season of shopaholic? WHILE  another side of world, people are killed on line of bread!  Astonishing capacity of human cruelty, sadistic criminality nature and  human capacity that able to endures! Yes, all that,  human species are  marvels when come to survival and evolution!