Monday, December 10, 2012

EU Noble-Moral Speech

EU got their free piece of Nobel Prize for peace! And they are saying sorry for the Syrian people suffering for their Nobel speech! They redeems for themselves do it more of the Syrian people suffering, that is their noble-moral speech! You know originally this Arab problem lot to do with UK and France et al careless thoughtless of territorial lined they made some decade back, that is historical evidences! They should have profound their moral responsibilities for it not only talk but act!

Wow now 16 countries accepted the Syrian revolutionary!   DURING Morocco  meeting  so called " Friends of Syria"  130 countries all should agree not only attending meeting talking their big mouthful moral speech heart out their wolfish intention but give a huge tick off Syrian revolutionary! do not hesitation when your moral is calling you  to act should act generously!!

They must had pang of guilt of sumptuous finest 10 courses of banquet dinner surrounded by beauty and beast beat their moral consciences while Syrian children are killed, cold and staved!!  

Nobel Banquet

Syrian Children 

The powerful and the vulnerable!