Monday, December 10, 2012

When a Lair Tells His True

Expert: strong indications that Al-Assad to chemical weapons confirmed political constraints assad may prevent the use of such unconventional weapons

You cna see full clip  the below Alarabiya

There is lots of evidence, terrorist Assad have been preparing and thing distribute to their military personal for using chemical weapons. chimerical weapon is less powerful than nuclear or biological weapon but suitably powerful enough kill in a mass where targeted area in pocket of insurance insurgent. Also this Report says  terrorist Assad regime fully debated about using the chemical weapon at Homs. 
  ...US intelligence officials have also intercepted one communication within the last six months they believe was from the Revolutionary Guard Corps’s elite extraterritorial unit, the Qods Force, according to the Washington Post. That communication reportedly urged Syrian regime members to use its supplies of Sarin nerve gas against rebels and the civilians supporting them in Homs.

If  terrorist Assad is the "red line" crossing already too later, CW has been used it! As we have seen terrorist Assad is a lair, so when a  lair is telling his truth that is lie or truth in a normal sense?

I am grumbling myself; am I ever not make any spelling mistake?