Thursday, December 27, 2012

What is On Syria!

Urgent | You can see on this map that the radar signal for #Aleppo International Airport has completely disappeared after the FSA got closer to capturing it today. The map shows the radar for Damascus, Beirut, and Adana, but clearly not Aleppo. We are God Willing getting closer to victory!
Click the picture  for a bigger view if you can't see 
URGENT | All the lights of #Aleppo International Airport have gone off and the airport radar has fully disappeared!
BREAKING NEWS | The #FSA has taken down an #Assad MiG flying over the Northern #Idlib Suburbs of #Syria! God Is Greatest! May God turn Assad's army against him and bring of the destruction of his regime!

BREAKING NEWS | The Defection of Brigadier General Ibrahim Al-Khalifa, the Deputy Police Chief and the Head of the Joint Security Commission of the Province of Hama.  

#breaking #news | the defection of the brigadier muhammad ali Hasoon, the director of the #assad military academy in Aleppo! 

Everyone jumping off from the sinking ship!