Friday, May 31, 2013

Why Are You Sided with Doomed Loser Assad?

In my view Syrian Opposition should not hanging on so much what criminal Assad is saying, in fact he and his regime doomed, he has no future in Syria after all of this.  This revolution, when he gun pointed to the peaceful demonstrators he lost his legitimacy by any mean. He is a mere criminal, he has been supported by his few cronies with Iran and Russia et al,  whiles carried mess destruction and  genocides, he evokes Hezbollah fight the Rebel, try to evoke the Rebel fight with Israel,  try to evoke Iraqi Shia fight Suni Syria… so all the ground fight he manipulated to fight surrounding  neighboring countries fight the Rebels, i.e. Hezbollah and Iran soldiers are fighting on the ground, the wisest Palestine reject Assad’s kind offer into messy proxy fight for him!  This evil criminal thinks he can win this war by airstrikes everywhere  and chemical weapon here and there,  and  buy tens of fighter jets from Russia that make Russia happy!  Anyone can you see this evil criminal win this war and maintained his power? He has no power, that is why he killing people! All the tyrants ending is the same! The revolutionary would/should kill him!  Remember Russia also what criminal assad offer you the Revolutionary able to offer too! Why are you sided with doomed loser?