Saturday, May 4, 2013

Baniyas al-Baida Strategic Massacre

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Year and the Alawis on the coast for illustration, light blue representing the babysitter upper caste system, and map notice how hit villages bracelet natural number of obscure Sunni cities and take hostage is coastal access and protection unless penetration incubator and broke its military power!

Green is the editor of rural Sunni and Christian so that some Christian villages within the editor, and keep the quilts and some parts of the mountain rural Sunni Turkmen that system, however, still at the Red points, and is the Centre of the historic city on the Syrian coast, historic majority Sunni Muslims and Christians, and as you can see they are isolated as I completely Sunni Syrian hinterland by the demographics of the upper villages

Baniyas al-Baida Massacre was deliberate as geographically strategic town for criminal assad, as they are middle of Latakia and Tartus