Thursday, May 23, 2013


When west et al decides to  arm the Syrian Revolutionary/Opposition here is the FSA General Staff  so no more saying they don't know who they are dealing with or arming if they want. If west and US deal with  FSA General Staff  consist with, arming with,  all the scattered battle field  FSA/Revolutionary groups will come to FSAHQ, because they need weapon/ resources. So that way possible all these fighting groups able to come under the one folder.

Lethal weapon shortage is the biggest huddles for FSA  Revolutionary not able to defeat criminal Assad, when they are armed with lethal weapon with great sense of  heroic mission to free their Syria, their success comes easily, there is lots of talks, end of the day this is Syrian problems, criminal Assad using Syrian people money killing Syrian people, who don't want him his family rule, while the Syrian people who want topple him don't have money to buy weapons to defeat him.