Sunday, May 5, 2013

Israel More Airstrikes

Good Bold Strikes to  Game Change Good On You Israel, Do Strike More! 

Sheer of irony is, the Israel aggressive airstrikes purely their own interests, they are fighting proxy war with Iran  and Hezbollah, but  best things can be happen international community US allies who don’t want to involved in the ground war.  Also this airstrike showed that criminal Assad regime air defense system is supplied by Russia is not as superior as Israel which supplied by US immensely stronger than enemy. Also clearly criminal regime panic and noisy, along with Iran  and Hezbollah. while clearly criminal Assad continually using chemical weapons  here and there small scales … not even mentioning massacres and airstrikes indiscriminately to  innocence people.  If US allies  and Israel should surgical airstrikes elimination potential grave weapon for mass destruction and other weapons storage for all that good reason for  world security and peace may be restore…  Israel point of view, sided with the Revolutionary much a greater chance  to peace  or least co-exist than criminal Assad, as he is losing in every aspects and every fronts, after   all of this atrocities, if let him alive what could happen that would be much much dangerous... much longer-    he has no hope in every aspects. So we are hoping more Israel airstrikes, good on you Israel more do more- we don't care what is your deep motivation are-we only care your bold strikes  so that criminal Assad has  no air power to attack innocence civilian who are  living in hellish terror day after day!  Good on you Israel!  Do More! As always precise game change can be bold and ruthless! Need some bold strikes! TO STOP KILLING!!!  Originality is always controversial!! 

Update: these who sit sideline their goodish life are not teased out by terror after terror, bad mouthing Israel airstrike, well  they should put themselves in this situations and see themselves  their loved one are killed in this inhuman way then...   after all Iran and Hezbollah is Israel enemies not Syrian people enemies, the reason they are fighting for criminal Assad because of Israel so why not some bold strikes heart of criminal Assad,  whole word applaud!! One way solving this problem profitable!!!

Update: FSA revolutionary should very flexible, yesterday enemies today allies today allies tomorrow enemies kind of flexibility is a key to able to navigate uncharted stream! Wining the revolutionary is the objective, their revolutionary must be successful no matter what!

Update: I think Israel should more strikes this criminal assad key weapon storage,  keep provokes criminal Assad  I don;t think he as no capacity retaliate Israel, best way testing see what happens? How much Iran hezbollah to prepare to stand up for criminal assad!