Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hezbollah Is Become Mere Criminal Assad Personal Gang

BEIRUT — Syria will "give Hezbollah everything" in recognition of its support and will follow the militant group's model of "resistance" against Israel, a Lebanese newspaper on Thursday quoted President Bashar al-Assad as saying.

  • Syria is not criminal Assad family  firm.
  • Syria is belong to the Syrian people.
  • The Syrian revolution is Syrian people against criminal Assad family rule.
  • So Hezbollah sided with criminal Assad is against the Syrian people, become a mere criminal assad personal criminal gangs.
  • Hezollah’s enemy is Israel, so they need weapons that weapons are provided by criminal Assad, which he steals from Syrian people.
  • Iran's enemy is Israel and America, the reason they support criminal Assad family is because if criminal fails, the Syrian new government would not be Iranian side so they support criminal Assad.    
  • So both of  Hezollah and Iran become a mere criminal Assad family personal gang!
  • Why do you against Syrian people? 
  • Are Syrian people  your enemy? 
  • Syrian people are the King of Syria.
  • Criminal Assad is a nobody but only a criminal. 
  • Hezollah  is a slave of  nobody criminal Assad 
  • So criminal Assad can't  give anything to Hezollah! 
  • What a shame on both of you! So therefore Hezollah and Iran  lost forever middle east!!