Thursday, May 30, 2013

Russian Cashing in Syrian People’s Blood Money

AFP, Moscow
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday accused the Syrian opposition of seeking to disrupt plans for a peace conference by putting forward unrealistic demands.

“We are under the impression that the National Coalition and its regional sponsors are doing everything so as not to allow the start of the political process and achieve military intervention in Syria through any means possible,” Lavrov told reporters.
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Amazing, amazes me thick skinned Russian, with barked thick skinned were wearily!  Russia is an accomplice, helped criminal Assad, what right Russia to tell the Syrian people what to say what do not say! Syrian people ask international community kill criminal Assad by drones! What are killer drones is doing? Assad is million times more dangerous than any al Qaeda for heaven sake!  He exported bombs neighboring countries, supported al Qaeda- who knows around world- West US et al   soil bombings and killings were occurred, under banner of Islam extremists,- all these things helped Assad  against the Rebels. Russia is also  all sources of problems, it is very profitable positioning, in between, Russian cashing in Syrian people’s  blood money by selling weapons to Assad, -Iran offering free weapons to Assad-  Russia its indifferent stands, because of  US don’t-want-to-dos,  make them international gangster -prestige, maintaining its exclusivity by an accomplice criminal Assad! Anyway Syrian people should demand, Assad should be removed, and that is their right! Who has more right than they are!  Why international community let him alive while hundred of thousand of people were killed and all the region is become proxy messy!  Really amaze me!  O I forget and then Russia promote as if they are key player promoting peace talk! As I said many times if US West et al keep  Russia amorous bedding partner Russia will do more more become obnoxious for their standing so  may be they make Russia  impotent!