Friday, May 31, 2013

Grumble Grumble…

 A thing come across, there is media interview Syrian people who are based on, especially Europe, - mind you revolution always based suppressed people rise against dictator/tyrant, mostly,  intellects( people who know too much they suffer because of they know too much, sometimes good for your mental health for less aware), students people who acutely are deprived i.e. under privilege peasants, sweatshop( Korea went through 1970s to 1980s,  recently Bangladesh building collapses, killed hundreds of people) against few 1-2% of thieving elite class( mind you I am not against elites, I respect entrepreneurship, they deserves reward as they take a huge risk and I respect entrepreneurs class in open society). That is why advance democracy, their key policies are based on increase middle class, through taxation ; redistribution wealth..( you should read some hotshots economists blogs,  they are all about equality,  how much taxed on elite, middles, social security net etc…)  through social harmony, that are advances democracy and yes they are also advance economies, i.e. western Europe and North Americas traditionally, now lots of countries catching up the models, focuses these advance economics, but recent years  also they have been suffering because of the imperfect models, currency crisis lead to  austerity etc… it says there are no perfect models for any government  make its people happy forever, so they spend on fortune social science  study systems and  human behavior try to make them happy endlessly so on… And also the advance democracies  have election,  The KING( the People) kick non-performance governments out and elect new one… so naturally the advance democracy,  democratically  elected government’s prime donna  guests are middle(majority votes) class, they are the powerhouse.  Anyway long story make short, having said that like under develop economies’ generally dictators /tyrants years years in power, they  focuses  1-2% political elite buy their loyalty by strip off majority people,  so the tyrant  polices focuses on the 1-2%, rest of population depraved or enslaved. Like Syria today, all these people who are against the criminal Assad  vast majority of under class for enduring their economic hardship and social injustice lest last 40 years. When this uprising start, most elite privilege class were left for Syria, and the vast majority under class are victim of criminal Assad sadistic genocides. So for media, they can not get into Syria, so some of media interviewed Syrian people who based outside Syria, Europe, they are longing for good old days of majority sacrifice to the monitory.  But the minority should know they may rich their little pockets, but their souls their countries forever ever poor, remain as second rated, socially morally inapt dysfunctional  forever ever, and these poor countries are forever threatened by, pushed around by superpowers,- when this ugly unattractive country has problems-  no superpower try to help but take advantage of,- fair enough and its internal social unrest forever ever until the dictatorial tyrannical injustice system come to end and make itself more attractive internationally. So media journalists, your souls are not rich by interview these runaway elitists who are seeking feeble little glory media attentions from their new safe living room far from Syria,  while their fellow Syrian are bloodshed,  were killed by! What is wrong with you media, all the power you have, bit of beautiful bias for sake of humanity!     

P.S. After many years, studying, reading and thinking, I  personally agree sweatershops in certain economies, had to in that way... that was part of painful Korea we have that wounds, we should not forget that so many young people gave their beautiful youth under deem neon  dim fluorescent lights...they are unsung heroes.