Saturday, June 16, 2012

A HUGE Defections

In the past 3 days alot has happened in the FSA all around Syrian Cities and Towns, Many defections in the hundreds..seizing checkpoints and gaining arms from Assad forces#Homs alone was reported to have up to 400 defections #Damascus had large numbers of defections in the Assad Brigade 4 , which helped the FSA on Friday with the heavy clashes between FSA#Daraa reported to have killed up to 300 Assad death squads in all areas of its province #Homs#Battalion Al farouq seized a checkpoint and held Assad snipers and Shabiha as captures #Aleppo#Haritan is reported to have brought down a helicopter and seized a checkpoint and gained alot of Arms and may destruction of Assad tanks#Deir Ezoor has reported to have assassinated next in line of Top ranking Syrian Intelligence officer Jumah Jumah #Latkia has reported to have gained more defections and a stronger FSA presence in the area #Idlib and Hama are still continuing with what they do best with there selective operations and with all great success on checkpoints.


نداء من رجال الجيش الحر ::
هاام :مناشدة واستغاثة من مجاهدي حمص القديمة   HOMS


DAMASCUS (16/06/2012): At least 25 martyrs have fallen today already, 19 of them in Damascus suburbs where Duma and Saqba have been under shelling for the last 4 days. Clashes have also been taking place between Assad's forces and the FSA in other parts of Damascus, including Kafar Suseh. This video shows the funeral of yesterday's martyrs in the suburb of Irbin - where the Koujak family was killed when their house was hit by a shell.