Sunday, June 24, 2012

Amazing Stuff

Days after a Syrian fighter pilot defected with his MiG-21 warplane to Jordan, more military officers are expected to flow

"40 military officers including a first-Lieutenant have defected with their weapons while fierce fighting  erupted in Deir al-Zor airport as the FSA fighters were trying to control over it," the defected officer said adding that they have confirmed information that numbers of the government troops who fled to desert are expected to be doubled.

Wow heroes journey start!  Wow heroes journey start, cross line after line,mass after mass  international community respond this great  moment by creating safe zone for them  with urgently!  


Syria general and two colonels 'defect to Turkey'  AGAIN!!

A general, two colonels, two majors and about 30 other soldiers are said to have crossed into Hatay province on Sunday night.
HOMS:  Activists are reporting mortar shelling on the Homs town of Talbisah.

You can imaging how could anyone endure this inhuman barbaric act! Unbelievable! The world would remember long time Russia supporting this kind atrocity!  


Leading Syrians prepare to defect

Members of Bashar al-Assad's inner circle 'making secret plans to defect' as Syria air force colonel abandons attack mission and flies MiG to Jordan.
Shell is broken, all stark bare to the world! so many innocence people are dying every single day!