Thursday, June 28, 2012

Criminal Assad Must Go First

But Lavrov said in Moscow that a transitional period is "necessary for settling the Syrian crisis and establishing stable and generally acceptable rules and norms, which will satisfy all the Syrian groups."

No more Annan plane gives the criminal killing more people or use it as his survival tool, so far Annan plan was sheltering  him and carried out kills more people, so Russian and criminal loves Annan plane, if gives a translational period, that give him more crack down that would fiasco in that region, no more drag on, while Russian selling more arms to criminal that kills more people and more suppression. Precise and decisive plan, remove criminal first and  start transition, not before, there is no norms there is  no rules under the criminal but only tyranny  violence,   police state tyrannical  repression have been for more four decade that is why people uprising. If there is norms and rules this revolution never have happen and never have been so grave atrocities committed by criminal regime. With him there is not stable, his criminal rules and norms should be buried  forever with him and start and establish true Syrian people’s rules and norms.  Everything what Russia and the criminal have been saying is a huge fabrication, this upraising has been peaceful but instead criminal accepted people’s demand, he deployed heavily armed military and his thugs  carried out massive atrocity, so  military personal are refusing to shoot their own people so defect and take up arms protect them instead killing. This is the criminal Assad  wrong doing he committed crime against his own people  and mess destructions his own countries he is the perpetrator, he must go first!

Update: Only because of criminal because of him this killing continues when he is removed that is end that is clean, costless and  effective, anything other than that would be messy and unappreciable!   

Update:   His father steal Syria from her people and give to his son,   as an inheritance which is unlawful, now people want their Syria back to them which is fair enough.   Criminal can not accept people want their Syria back to them so he called them Assad ‘terrorists'  and vows to 'annihilate terrorists'. Well he has to annihilate about 22 millions populations, he knows how solve Syrian problem is that “ killing off”. He should remember he never ever have been choice by the people.  Now people want to their Syria back!

A general defection! Welcome! Heroes land!