Saturday, June 30, 2012

Futile Imperious

Wonder why we need UN after all! for what?
Unequal bargaining all we get from the Geneva meeting!  Make both parties have  an equal bargaining power without it Annan plan is green light to the perpetrators! They make it as if the Oppositions and perpetrator regime same bargaining power! There is open end there nothing concrete, to be frank Anan is ego mongering sake of his own infertile peace of pieces plan. Are they any details things follow or what?     

 RE: Geneva Meeting

Everyone talking meaningless eloquence, that is their job to be meaningless eloquence, to craft impudent air seem to polite!  Seem to me they are all logical, rational and unemotional and objective that make them successful deal breaker? 


Well the airbase belong to the Syrian people, the not criminal regime, FSA is  Syrian people's army so   you have right take whatever you like! 

1) Airbases

2) Tanks