Thursday, June 7, 2012

Houla massacre: who decides what is too shocking to print?

Too searing, too dreadful for comfort? Only if your own snug cocoon of ignorance is more important than feeling humanity's pain.

Yes, I agree with Don McCullin's view, every single day I see more gruesome, no humanity so horror after horror, unimaginable cruelty their own kind, I am deeply suffering depression because Syrian atrocity, just seeing their suffering you can imaging Syrian people of Homs, Hama…etc all the small farming villages people  are slaughtered daily, Russia china talking about their dear Annan plan, I wish Anan dead with his useless plan too, least his useless plan will be banished so Russia  will not saying  Annan killer keepers’  plan, lousy 300 people monitoring 22 million people. Yes so gruesome to see these images that is my coward avoiding to see Syrian people suffering and pain for my own little comfort.  Yes all the media should published the Syrian people suffering their immense agony and  criminal assad unimaginable  crime we should record imprinted to the whole  world to  every corners of world, front of witness of 6.8 billions people and evoke their conscience, truefuly record for our future generation.