Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rastan today

UPDATE (13/06/2012): 34 martyrs at least have fallen untill this moment, mostly in Deir Ezzor which is currently under attack, Aleppo and Homs. Syrians miss the days of being shot at with Kalashnikovs and shotguns since now they are being killed by helicopters, rockets and artillery. This graphic video shows the kids who were killed in the shelling of Rastan today - some of the 85 kids who have been killed so far THIS MONTH.

U.S. Bolsters Ties to Fighters in Syria

...As part of the efforts, the Central Intelligence Agency and State Department—working with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and other allies—are helping the opposition Free Syrian Army develop logistical routes for moving supplies into Syria and providing communications training. 
U.S. officials also are considering sharing intelligence with the Free Syrian Army, or FSA, to allow the rebels to evade pro-Assad forces, which are believed to be getting intelligence, arms and communications support from Russia and Iran, the officials said. Iran it denies it is involved in Syria; Russia says the arms it sells Syria aren't used in the crackdown.....
 This positive development, good for the freedom fighters,  yes criminal at his last leg, so he use mess killing tactic as well as al Qaeda! Think of about it, if the world let the criminal gets his  away what is the consequence?    The world can not afford get his way, the FREEDOM FIGHTERS Must Win! Sake of the world sake of the humanity sake of civilization!

"Russia is not delivering anything that use for peaceful protesters but …. We are delivering thing that only that Syrian in case needed military attack from aboard...etc" 

Criminal Assad says that anti-assad all are terrorists, he massacred  all these children and innocence people, becase they are against him or happen to be children of or town they are in anti-assad.  the Russian FM  precisely  confirmed  that, all the little children. babies and  peaceful protest are all terrorists, so things that only not use for the  Syria is attacked from the aboard but for using to the all the “terrorists”.