Wednesday, June 6, 2012

about 6 hours ago in Syria

"This fund has been established to support all components of the revolution in Syria, and to establish a strong relationship with businessmen inside and outside Syria and to protect civilians," Wael Merza, secretary general of the opposition Syrian National Council, told reporters in the Qatari capital. 
Merza said that half of the $300m had already been spent, some of which were contributions to the rebel Free Syrian Army.
"The majority of support given (to the rebels) will be on the technical side," Merza said. "It's also logistical support to our people on the ground."
"Yes, we supported the Free (Syrian) Army to protect civilians," said Mustafa Sabbagh, president newly-formed Syrian Business Forum of businessmen in exile.
The fund will be based in Doha, Merza said.