Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Free Syrian Army is the legitimate Army in Syria

A legitimate national army frist foremost duty is  protecting its nation its people not protecting a criminal  regime, in Syria, there is unlawful Assad personal army who carries out mess killing its own people and are committing atrocity its own people. Also Assad personal army work together  with assad personal thugs  Shabiha commits all the atrocious  and Assad army protecting Sahbiha thugs stealing looting from the civilians  house and shops too. Clearly so called Syrian national army is an illegitimate as so called the Syrian army  protecting criminal regime and his personal thugs, so they are nothing more unlawful thugs under banner of Syrian army.

And there is the Free Syrian Army who are the true protectors Syria and Syrian people. They are made up by defectors, who refuse their order from criminal Assad,  refused protect Sahibha criminals. And activists or  revolutionizes who against the criminal assad.  So you can tell who is the lawful army is. Any  Governments they don’t have sovereign right to kill their own people and commit mess scale of  atrocity for sure! Assad is a criminal and  an army protecting criminal regime is not best interest of the nation and its people, certainly lost its legitimacy as national army! It is nothing more than shameful criminal protector So eyes of the world and eye of the international laws, the Free Syrian Army is legitimate army in Syria