Tuesday, June 26, 2012

May be a Chance of God Given

''The preferred option for everyone, including the United States, is still a political solution,'' he said. ''But whereas a few days ago a military option was not on the cards, now it will be discussed in a way it hasn't been for the past year and a half. It activates NATO, which we haven't seen before.''
Accident or crafted it is may be a chance of god given, worthwhile explore in this way to solve Syrian  problems!  The criminal is paranoid by everyone now so he tells everyone shot down everything is caught by the raider!   It should specially focuses criminal regime, as not Syria and Syrian people fault but paranoid criminal regime fault, because criminal hostile toward  Turkey because Turkey hosts lots of Syrian refugees and the oppositions. That is why.   

Death Toll Summary: so many human life is no more human life but speckle of numbers only! 

SUMMARY (25/06/2012): Deir Ezzor, Homs, Hama, Idlib, Daraa, Damascus Countryside and parts of Lattakia and Aleppo are all under shelling - meaning shells are falling on houses where normal people like you live. There are families, kids, women, old people whose lives are being torn apart and don't know where to go. At least 80 died today, 90 yesterday, 131 the day before. The EU has announced it's 16th round of sanctions - we wonder what kind of chocolate they will stop Ass-ad from getting this time. Australia has also announced new sanctions. Meanwhile, the Red Cross still did NOT enter Homs, where thousands of civilians remain surrounded by Assad's forces and at risk of massacre. See the map for more info.


 People V Tanks and People is the Victors!!!  


So sad this picture children gather their daddy grave yard, probably, older brother knows so his face is desolate and sad, mid brother too and baby brother is just happy to his daddy face, candles ever green leaves as a crown of freedom wear his grave, wounded children will grow up with their freedom land a gift from their daddy, his death won’t be wasted but ofcoures he should not die in this way left so young family. We shall dream always dream of the world is good place of living, cohort of desolate and dream because of it we shall live we can sustain! How could this young mother would live? She takes  picture her husband graveyard as if he alive, lit candles as if he still breath, hoping her soil is free soon!

Syria crisis: Erdogan threatens military retaliation - live updates

GEE NICE TO HAVE POWERFUL FRIENDS ABLE TO GANGED UP AND GANGBANG! I MUST SAY THEY DID A GREAT JOB AT LIBYA – WAS REALLY COOL-  NATO STANDBY TURKEY! HOLD HAND TOGETHER TOGETHER LIKEA LOVERS! WHEN NATO STAND BY SYRIAN PEOPLE!!! – HOPING IS NOT NOTO  BUT NATO FOR DEAR SYRIAN PEOPLE! AS UN IS NUN!  Gosh these hotshots deep deep gasping spaces reality instead of ground of reality--- but World stand by Syrian people, these few guys are problems just wrong head with self-continuum by the world standard  that is all!  All these hotshots are bit heartless I think they never have been in love or loved by! Revolution is not necessary bloody you know it can be bloodless too! all these young students burn to death, unbelievable  how gruesome evil human can be!


"NATO allies have expressed strong condemnation of this completely unacceptable act," NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said after the gathering.
Rasmussen said NATO security was "indivisible", but he said NATO's Article 5, which calls for member states to see an attack on one country as an attack on all the alliance's members, had not been discussed.
"We stand together with Turkey in spirit of solidarity," he said.

Gee we better not make NATO  as our enemy for sure! Why can’t  they bit of help dear Syrian people?