Monday, September 9, 2013

Reward is Greater Than Risk

Peter Singer: A moral case for intervention?

"War is always, should be always the last resort and the question is whether that is really the case here. And there's a further question that you always have to ask and that is: Will the consequences of going to war be better than the alternatives? You could say if the evidence is compelling ... that the Assad regime used chemical weapons - then you might say there's no other way of preventing him doing that again ... other than showing him that there are very serious consequences, which really means going to war in some way with him.
And I think there is a good argument for saying that we have a ban on the use of chemical weapons and if that ban is to mean something then people who violate it have to feel the consequences. But the question is: Can the consequences be limited to Assad and his regime or are they also going to affect other people who are innocent of the use of chemical weapons and who will be affected by the strikes ...? So that's the real danger." 
Peter Singer, philosopher
When we make decisions we can not make a perfect decisions 100%, but nature of our decisions always have risks, but the Reward vs Risk = Reward is a greater than Risk we go for It!