Thursday, September 5, 2013

The World Red Line

Obama: It's the world's 'red line' on Syria; Senate panel backs military strike plan

I think Mr Obama is very machiavellian, certainly wind blow his way, he just keeping very very cold blooded  and thick skinned, does't care what others say!  History will judge what US decision to world and Syrian people.  Last two years, unsc watched so many innocence people were skinned off and buried alive by criminal Assad...!  There is lots Syrian people regardless which side they want to stop this war, they are saying now Assad should give up -as long as  Assad alive this fight never stop, chemical weapon he will use it again when he is cornered --- Putin makes lot of noise, ahead of G20 Summit,  even call Mr Kerry is a lair, a very calculated  approach to--as  he try to undermine US re: strike criminal Assad, I think US be aware of Putin tactics, just blunts about  what else unsc do or did? Stick into firm ground and couldn't careless!  Need team work! Putin try to influence  some G20 members against US strike...

Update: amazing, somehow last 2.5 years unsc fold their hand, blind, dumb...while shift around around blaming each other, Russia selling billion of dollars worth weapons to criminal Assad--- they sing song legitimately selling---  now the world try to portrayed as Mr Obama a warmonger! Last 2 years  US et al tried to avoid to military action, somehow the world should remember, Russia shift in here, they know that  they have no power outside of unsc, where they enjoyed " the permanent 5 privilege" they certainly don;t deserve it. unsc is no moral authority whatsoever as they abused their prevalent power now become a mere thug-zombie, not a  moral authoritative world body!

Update: Mr Obama may be avoid to meet with Mr Putin alone...that would be much better while actively promote military strikes to war criminal Assad  to other leaders!