Monday, September 16, 2013

The World Need to Know Who Gassed!


The UN says its chief chemical weapons inspector has turned over his team's report on last month's alleged poison gas attack in Syria to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. 
UN spokesman Martin Nesirky said the report was transmitted on Sunday and the secretary-general will brief a closed session of the UN Security Council on its contents on Monday morning.
He will also brief the 193-member General Assembly later that day.
The inspection team led by Swedish expert Ake Sellstrom was mandated to report on whether chemical weapons were used in the Aug. 21 attack in the Damascus suburbs and, if so, which chemical agents were used - not on who was responsible. 
The secretary-general said on Friday that he believed there would be "an overwhelming report" that chemical weapons were used in the attack.
The world wants know who gassed thousand people to death! Why "not on who was responsible?" UN has a responsibility to tell the world correctly unbiased way who gassed these  hundred of innocence children  and to  punish the criminal who committed a such grave crime against humanity to bring  him to the justice that is the world responsibilities.   Dictators who have chemical weapon in their camps,  are watching this show carefully and see how the world react this unforgivable grave inhumane crime  if the world not punished this criminal there would be other dictators following suite by  gasses their own people ...REMEMBER! So many children just lay dead aimless discarded stones, Syrian children they are the victims of this incredible unsc feeble foul play!  They can not go to schools... lost generation,  all these children are living death, their right, their innocence souls  are raped by unsc veto! This unspeakable world of politics!  They will grow up as haters of world, they don;t know how to love but only hate and fear because that is their only world they had,  the traitors! Killers! Nasty betrayals!   When their sad hollow eyes catches flicks on fire...their anger stitches and across..., they will wake up with their collective consciousness  then their revenge start.... they don't know any other way but only one way as the world taught them... then the world must prepare its sin... the unsc is a criminal affiliate to fail to protect millions of innocence children, to prevent turn them into the world of terrors!  

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