Friday, September 6, 2013

unsc Eunech


China's Foreign Ministry said on Friday that it supports the United Nations Security Council in playing an important role to properly resolve the crisis in Syria. 
The United States said on Thursday that it has given up trying to work with the U.N. Security Council on Syria, accusing Russia of holding the council hostage. 
- Reuters
SURE,  everyone played important proper role  for their own political agenda "the permanent 5" last 2.5 years expense of Syrian peoples' blood!  they are not security council but a bunch of thugs!  No more try unsc, it has no authority, no functioning as unsc authority but useless powerless dead zombie caged by Russia, no point begging  to Russia  set  free the useless powerless no-prestigious  just a mere second rated some kind of eunuch scoundrel  unsc! Just walk away do the right thing for yourself for your consciences for the world! No more waste energy for useless eunuch! You have get the power!

Update: also in between reading line, Russia goes a great length protecting criminal Assad, even though Putin ask evidences of CW,  that is another excuses  to try to  make deter any action from US et al and bidding time. Russia didn't care whether whole Syria gone to ash as long as Assad stay, also it gets the stage  whether acutely Putin is this hates...his personal feeling ---  about US, because US superpower things, nothing to do with diplomacy or politics but US itself his very personal, have some kind unfinished business from cold war with  abhorred feeling of mix with envy and hate   --- so only way  Russia can drive around US bend is that unsc... re:Syria... I think that is all about.  While Syrian people suffer immense...