Friday, September 6, 2013

Why Couldn't You Stop Last 2.5 Years?

 Why didn;t you all able to STOP?
World leaders discussed the Syria crisis over dinner at the G20 summit but failed to bridge their deeply entrenched divisions over a US push for military action against President Bashar al-Assad's regime. 
Russia: We cannot accept US proofs of chemical weapon used in Syria, they are far from being convincing. It is impossible to say that very many states support the idea of a military operation. 
China: War cannot solve the problem in Syria, political solution is the only way to end the Syria crisis. 
UK: We have received new evidence that sarin gas had been used against civilians by the Syrian government. 
EU: No military solution to the Syrian conflict.  
UN Chief: Providing more arms to either side is not the answer. There is no military solution.
All the above statements are baseless powerless and none creditable for eyes of the world! Just another feeble tasteless doggerels  An accomplice Russia is merchandising from Syrian people blood and soul! Why can’t you all  stop Russia suck Syrian people blood for its nourishment? That is simple way solving problem!  unsc is Putin’s little  ego gaming machine, is spined by Syrian people’s immense  suffering! Why can't you all solve it before the military strikes!  Putin ego-game there is no such thing as international law but every drop of Syrian people’s blood in spins!  Why you let Russia hijack unsc for their own agenda for supporting criminal Assad while more than 100,000 Syrian people were killed! You all  have been saying same peace nonsense theme song last two years? How long the world hear that spineless peace doggerels line of immense humanitarian crisis? Why can’t you stop before military strike?  Why couldn't  you stop the thousands of people were gassed off,  millions of  population on refugees! What are you waiting for? How long the world hear you aimless gutless piece of peace song no one believe?  If this military strike bring to the balance of power and they forward to end this crises, then  everything will be justified! Before you attacking the military strike, you have to looking into deeply within and whether  the UN has authority  to do anything? You lost your authority! So this Syrian conflict can not solve within unsc!   End of the day Syrian most suffer, regardless which side you are in!