Monday, September 30, 2013

Criminal Assad Claim Fighting World Peace and Security!

Assad Syrian Revolution as A Terrorist Attack 

Criminal terrorist Assad puppets  claim at UN General Assembly, Assad fighting for terrorism and wider international war on terrorism, also clam that Syrian civil compare to the US 9:11 attack. Assad thinks the  rest of the world stupid retard.  
On Sept., 11, 2001, he said, New Yorkers “were burned with the fire of extremism and bloodshed, the same way we are suffering now in Syria.”

Assad is a worst terrorist this century, he is another Hitler, he maintenance his life lies and propaganda, is supported by Russian vetos, he  gassed his own people,  drive million of people out of their own country, closed off international media, stave million of people internally, he bombs schools hospital killing school children… he playing emotional blackmail…  endless fabrication lying and distortions.  UN is lost its courage and merits.  How can  no one challenge unsc 5 ps?  Let criminal Assad puppets insulting world of conscience and million of Syrian people. All these UN ambassadors who is against US, do not mixed with their supporting Syrian people's revolution is not about sided with US but supporting Syrian uprising...  This is peaceful up rising, Syrian people peaceful up rising 2011 which criminal Assad inhumanly brutally attacked suppressed it and turn it into the civil war...  and west is not support revolutionaries side while Russia Iran and hezbollah arms money vetos supports criminal Assad... ofcourse we all predicted that the ground turned into radicalized... Also Assad manipulated or work with  al Qaeda linked groups ( common interest against US et al) for their own interest. Talking of brutality Assad side is more,  million times more brutal  than to Syrian people and the revolutionists... they set up scenes that against the Opposition, using their propaganda machine...also on the ground, some of group sided with Islamist radicals  are  matter of accessing weapons and resources because Free Syrian Army side is not sufficient enough funding from outside, when or if they get enough  accessing resources they all change their side again.

When I think of all these activists no more active on the media... silence...  where about them?  BUT their love is shining like pearly dew on the grass, their love opens world of freedom and conscience,  their agonies their tortures,  all these unsung heroes who give their one life to their love who dare to stand up this inhuman tyrant Assad... their love of Syria... the  love is planting seed of hope among the rabbles, dead dreams, lover's graveyards... because of the love  Syrian people have dream,  inextinguishable dream among midst of darkness! The world should remember this is a popular uprising! Syrian people against this brutal criminal Assad's family rule more than 40 years! This great courageous brave Syrian  people against this autocrat Assad family 40 years rule! The world stands up for their Great Struggle!