Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Aleppo Rebels Retract Rejection of Coalition

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There were few of Aleppo based Islam extremists made a  statement of they are disagreeing about the New Syrian Opposition, but the actual leadership of these group didn’t support the fighters on the ground of their extreme statement. The above is the evidence, as  two people in middle, ( the official in  uniform and the civilian cloth man who is reading the statement) very well known  FSA revolutionary chiefs  on the ground of Aleppo. So obviously  they come out make statement and  make the air clear,  few of their fighters' extreme view is not majority of view, which also the fighters are entitle to do so- (in a democracy there is no such things as 100% agreed by! But military is difference of course but this is not ordinary circumstance). In my view there is few extremists group with small number, in Aleppo. They are, Al-Nusra  for example,  most skilled well disciplined, and not afraid of martyrdom,  and also they have plenty  of money and weapons, so FSA let them at the frontline  in battles, and also when FSA et al difficult hold frontlines these fighters  in there for  help, fighting terrorist Assad while the world community desert Syrian people. I am strictly speaking practical humanity point of view, I don’t care who they are, their ideologies, no discrimination as long as who is helping this unspeakable human tragedy while the world standing by singsong “ fundamental of fundamentalism."  These al-Nursra cares humanity in Syrian people, while the world was not- and happen to be they are Islamism, same as Christian  fundamentalists or Jews fundamentalists, the world phobia of Islamist unreasonable  of 1.7 billion people around world ( or roughly world population  of 24- 25% ) and they have entitle to have says. But in my view they are under control, few hundred of fighters, as soon as US et al allies support the Syrian Opposition with money and weapons the extremely extremists’ view  will be disappeared!  


Recently I have few mails in my inbox, they were preaching me anti-Islam. i.e.  Muslims are bad  and corrupted etc... and they sent me link to read anti-Islam books.  But I said before I have three beautiful books of Islam from my 8 years old friend some times back I read them and that was one of most  beautiful bejeweled storytelling, all but goodness, same line of story of  my childhood Sunday school  at church or  Buddha’s story…, so there!!! 

Another BTW: I forget but I saw a video clip, which was titled was “the secret of group of fighters so bravery at fighting at frontline” was all of them were reciting of  Quran. In our human history there is people die for their love or their belief freely: religions or human love or their country…etc!   That is their freedom their life!!

This Also from Al Jazeera  

Aleppo rebels retract rejection of coalition

Commanders in Aleppo voice their support to Syrian National Coalition but call for greater representation in it.

Opposition commanders in the Syrian city of Aleppo have voiced their support to the Syrian National Coalition, a day after a video emerged showing fighters from at least 14 brigades announcing their rejection of the opposition bloc.

The powerful Liwaa al-Tawhid Brigade, along with the Aleppo Military Council and Transitional Military Council, in a video uploaded on YouTube on Tuesday, said they would co-operate with the newly formed opposition body, but called for greater representation in it.

They also said that the earlier statement by some local commanders rejecting the coalition was due to "the marginalisation of the revolutionary forces on the ground".

"We call on [the coalition] to increase the representation of the revolutionary forces and to activate their role in the coalition's offices and apparatus," Tuesday’s statement, read by Abdel Qader Saleh, the head the Liwaa al-Tawhid Brigade, said.