Friday, November 16, 2012

Incredibly Heavy Attack Unarmed Civilance


This video, uploaded by activists yesterday, purports to show tens of rockets being launched by Assad loyalists reportedly on the town of Haffah in Latakia.
It is unclear when the footage was filmed. Activists say it was leaked from within regime forces.

Criminal Assad gangs smile while they are destroying their own country and killing their own people

Amazing, all of these terrorist criminal assad gangs are firing heavy rockets - boxes of boxes of rocket are sitting around - you wonder where they are all come from?- to  unarmed civilence their homes, still West siting at their rosy garden ask  the Syrian revolutionary for a floor plane how to build their new house.
West priority is extinguish the fire first and then ask the Syrian people  for their new floor plane. You can imaging these criminal gangs madness how many innocence people were killed! I think actually terrorist assad is mad, mentally insane I am sure of it!