Friday, November 30, 2012

Death of unsc

Question you could ask why Damascus  Christian neighborhood boomed yesterday? Because of unsc, it gives Russia something argue about it, every time unsc meeting or other meeting always Syria has been bombed by terrorist Assad and blame  FSA revolutionary. 

One day before the clip appeared, hackers from the group Anonymous leaked what they claim is a cache of documents stolen from the Syrian Foreign Ministry. As first reported by the non-profit investigative news organization, ProPublica, one set appears to detail shipments from Moscow to Damascus of 240 tons of newly printed Syrian money, which the Russian government has publicly acknowledged printing for the Assad regime. Another document looks to be a flight plan for four shipments of refurbished helicopters, also going from Moscow to Syria. The shipments, whose cargo the document lists in English as “old copter after overhauling,” include one delivery on Nov. 21, a second one on Nov. 28, and two more planned for the first week of December. According to the document, the payment for these shipments was made “in cash,” and their circuitous route through the skies above Iran, Iraq and Azerbaijan would circumvent the airspace of all the countries that have imposed a weapons embargo on Syria.

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Hoping  the world is not fooled by Russian endless lies and nonsensical  justification ! gosh how much the world hate unsc, it is not dead yet?  

Here is another meeting 

Friends of Syria rebels meet in Tokyo

DELEGATES from more than 60 countries have gathered in Tokyo in an attempt to ramp up pressure on Bashar al-Assad's regime in Syria.
So it appears that very convincing the Damascus bomb carried out by terrorist Assad regime for blaming the Opposition, give doubt these 60 countries of the revolutionary  and at unsc  Russia can argue  nothing out of something to argue