Sunday, November 25, 2012

Solving The World Extreme-Extremist Phobia

In Syria, unity proves elusive to oppositionforces:

The U.S. plans to step up its efforts to work with key backers of the opposition -- such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and France -- to build a stronger command structure. U.S. officials specifically applaud the efforts of several military council commanders who have tried to foster unity, such as Col. Abdul-Jabbar Akidi in Aleppo, Col. Afif Suleiman in Idlib and Gen. Ziad al-Fahd and Col. Khalid Alhoubos in Damascus. 
Unfortunately, the rebel military council leadership was not included in the Doha effort. Military leaders such as Akidi thought they would be invited, but the invitations never came. This has added to demoralization.  ( I underlined).

This is a huge mistake and will be problems, because military is instinctively  institution of " command and order". knowing most majority of  FSA revolutionary are defectors, or if not some kind of military style of compliance background,  even  FSA et al not a normal military in this context but they are still follow their commanders, their  loyalty is not “hotel leadership” but to their commanders and their comrade on the ground sharing for hardship of unspeakable war. They are not only fighting but also they managing liberate areas as well and they know the people and the ground( I saw them barking breads and collecting rubbish too for the towns).  I am not sure why they have not been invited by the Doha meeting.  They are the key players on the ground and they are paying their blood for the revolution. Without sincerer  inclusive leadership,  the new opposition leadership will be difficult to control the ground revolutionaries, that is why they called prior or new opposition leaderships as " hotel revolutionary" "who does do you think you are!" that kind of attitude.  The new leadership's top down old mentality, can not command people's hearts. They should going for "people's hearts" not their heads.  I personally have seen so many  organizations were ruined  because of old archive pieces mentality, they don’t know what is wrong with their thinking because they don’t know any other way. But effective successful leadership must earned people's love.  People are not stupid, in this  revolution,   if leadership more of power mongering-hungry( which old SNC failed)  instead of, their sincerity, ready to sacrifice for their revolution as the FSA revolutionary et al  are doing under ground they will be faces a road block. 

I don’t consider, in my view, I don’t think extremists is not a big problems, yes if continues world not intervene and left it as its own course yes it will be naturally, but it is small minority and they are having very good relationship with FSA revolutionary, after all they are very humanistic in Syria, they care Syrian people and very skilled fighters and they love martyrdom which is not FSA pieces of cake. Circumspective the world discrimination but in Syria, while the world dumb deaf blinded, they offers their hearts and expertise specialist skills  to Syrian people. If FSA revolutionary (leadership) is the part of new opposition leadership and restore their truly respective military position and dignity( now they are more than just military but heroes of all trade!)   as they deserve, with money and weapons,  that is not only the revolutionary wining strategy but  also solving the world extreme-extremist phobia too!