Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Way to Stop Bloodshed

 The President of the Syrian National Coalition for Opposition and Revolutionary Forces statement of Syrian people unification which is very earnest plea for Syrian people come to one body and one soul union of stopping the Syrian people suffering. Like a marriage of convenience! In this case you  have your own Syria consider!  Of course regardless which side you are in, one thing all the Syrian people would agree,your love of Syria,  thus this bloody conflict ending.  Also  the most attractive prospects of united under the new leadership are wining and backing from the international community(money,  weapons, no-fly-zone, safe zone et al) and thus successfully bring forward stop the bloodshed and successfully delivering the revolution and  free Syria from this immense suffering. Then everyone able to do whatever they wish, you can become head to toe covering up conservative of conservation of your own faith(Muslim or Christian) or you can become  parents of all of Islam the most extremely intensely faithful to your own faith and become extremist(whatever they mean, West is paranoid by “extreme extremist”) or you become your own lover   yourself your own God. You would have many many choice of your own God, like buying tablets at the shopping mail!  So become now bit of less or, dilutions of your own faith on the display, but no dilution inside your heart, that is still extremely faithful to your own believe which most people do, they are not just display that is all. To be frank, nothing worst than what you have now so you have nothing to loss but only gain for the union if you are these few outside and still considering!  I am hoping the benevolence God forgive my attempt!  Knowing the God most helpful  and useful for us!


The leadership and the Syrian people – they are the suffering and paid their blood for the revolution- should not swayed by other opinion, stick to united to achieve the great object – successful  the revolution and free Syrian people from suffering.

The reality is this:
1) The terrorist Assad will not go unless:
i) He is killed,
ii) He is forced to go( absolutely left him no other option), and  

2) While he try to manipulate the West,  hoping West will give up supporting the revolutionaries becase too mess and too costly, but If let terrorist criminal Assad stay West should ask themselves as:
iii) What would happen Syria?
vi) What would happen the region?
v) What would cost to let him stay?

Then you know you can see the answer! Surly Syrian people would not stand fold their hands do nothing if let him stay!!! So West should stop stuff things around excuse this and that for delaying  to support the new leadership. Bit of precise action and chisel along the road!  This is inevitability, the steam no one able to turn it back.