Monday, November 5, 2012

Another Form of Terrorism and Pandemonium



Moscow is supplying arms to Syria under Soviet-era commitments and were meant for defence against external threats, not to support President Bashar al-Assad, Russia's foreign minister told an Egyptian newspaper.

Russia sold the Syrian government $1 billion worth of weapons last year and has made clear it would oppose an arms embargo in the United Nations Security Council, contending that rebels would get weapons illegally anyway.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Egypt's state al-Ahram daily in an interview published on Monday that the arms still being sent to Damascus were part of old Soviet contracts and did not violate international law. "We do not side with any faction in Syria's internal battle," Lavrov was quoted as saying.

"As for the Russian-Syrian technical military cooperation, it aims to support Syria's defence capabilities in the face of external political threat, and not to back Bashar al-Assad."

He accused foreign powers of arming the opposition to topple the government in breach of international law, adding that such weapons could fall into the hands of al Qaeda fighters.

Russian statement is irresponsible as unsc, the functionality of  unsc questionable. So instead of its charter is “ the world security and peace” it should be ‘ the world terrorism  and pandemonium.  “Russian-Syrian technical military cooperation”, is should be  Russian-Assad cooperation of a  pandemonium in Syria, and Russian benefit from expense of immense Syrian people’s suffering and blood. Anyone who build their benefit expenses of other people suffering their ending and their suffering will be ensured that thousand times worst than those who suffered from their malice.  So far Russia try to preserve their geopolitical interested in the region, that allies with  bizarre  justifications of protecting the terrorist Assad regime,  using their unsc veto  to achieve their own mean to end whatever necessary to protect their own interest, this mean complete destroy Syria or least increase their bargaining power expense of Syrian people immense suffering and mayhem.  This will be certainly two edged sword!  Russia point of view they have nothing to lose of course for backing up terrorist Assad,  BUT they will lose a lots, world memory will be resilience, the middle especially the Gulf power houses will not forget the Russian standing.   The international community be weary about Russian old bloc mentality and their standing of tyranny terrorism regime to help carried out mess destruction, terrorism and genocide  Syria under banner of  “unsc charter”, try  to protect  their own interest is an act  of  terrorism  worst kind!!!