Monday, December 12, 2011

The Withered Tree Above The Crags

Seon teaches us  humble is virtue, like the healthy rice crops at its harvest time, bend their heads gracefully, if the crops are not healthy they have noting in their heads so their heads are straight.  Benevolence is sagacity. They can not separate one or another. Food for my thought of day so the followings peome is from the masterKusan:

The world's outer appearance is originally emptiness
Do people point to emptiness because the mind resides there?
For the withered tree above the crags, there are no seasons
when spring arrives flowers bloom, in fall, it bears fruit
What a beautiful poem is, I like particularly “For the withered tree above the crags, there are no seasons” I am looking for a music goes with this poem,  any suggestion?

Mind you the monks were fighting each other too, think of, religious wars,  most savages  wars in the history were religious…, still do... because the monks minds resides  elsewhere that is why

The Meditative Buddha at a mall …

image from Google
The Buddha’ past time