Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Criminal Assad Launched Scud Missiles

Yabrud || MSRP new: launch Scud missiles toward the North

Mass destruction after destruction, criminal Assad knows that unsc can't get him because his Russia, US et al fattening their numb-bum, something miraculously cured their headache Syria problems over-night without their knee down dirty work or deep into their pocket for arming FSA revolutionary  Their pony corny wishes are like Picasso's  international counterfeiter never added any value but weeping self-insulated well-to-do nothingness!
On the ground level, trend of the revolutionary " tone of ...happy to martyrdom..." and terrorist Assad mass continue indiscriminate attack..., so many precious lives are  dead,   what this conflict heading for?  It is so clear it is heading for one direction..., people the revolutionary will win as always..., if US et al intervene  that can be past forward!