Thursday, January 3, 2013

FSA Only 5 KM Away from Terrorist Assad

An Al #Arabiya Exclusive taking an in depth look at #Assad's Bases surrounding and protecting the Presidential Palace and just how close the FSA really is to his palace. (ONLY 5 kilometers away!)

FSA revolutionary heroes right into  terrorist Assad door step! Horrendous despicable sadistic criminal Assad and his gangs kills more than  60,000 people- yes far more than this figures- unspeakable inhumane crime carried out to innocence people, who only ask to change.  His ending is ensured, what option he has..., the world must arm FSA  properly and  forward this ending sooner than later, there is no other options. The Opposition said they are only dialog with other side only precondition of " remove criminal assad!"  Also whoever at terrorist regime( no blood in their hands) they should know that, protecting terrorist " dead end" game, there is no way out but only one way is that they have to  dialog with their Opposition" without  criminal Assad'.

Also the world community, they have to realistic, don't try to blackmail Syrian people force into cheap bargain, that is not going to work, it is so much bloodshed they will not give up until criminal Assad is removed.