Saturday, January 19, 2013

Village of Haswiya Massacre

Village of Haswiya,100 people were massacred.   This village majority of population are Sunn Muslim. the soldiers removed all bodies before they took the BBC team there!   
Others in the village confirmed the army's account. But one woman, who spoke to us off-camera, out of earshot of our minders, told us soldiers were there that day, and that some had apologised that "others acted without orders".  
Her version tallies with activist claims that this was the work of the pro-government Allawite militia known as Shabbiha. ...
 Yes, UN is nut house, stupid ineffective, you can say strongest terms, which we heard before many times, we don;t  want strongest terms of indifferent talking your huge dumb mouth but strongest terms ACTION!  Stop this immense tragic humanitarian crisis!  Word is should jump off its dumb unimaginative, ineffective cliff, seeking its martyrdom instead!  

It appeared that terrorist Assad Shabbiha did without prior permission of Assad personal army, and criminal assad gang are covering up the crime, they are blaming al-Nusra, well al-Nusra Islamist why do they kill their own  people? It is terrible tragic, Assad hostage Allawite community for his own survival for creating scaterian  hatefulness among Syrian! It is terrible, it is criminal assad gain only through this kind of scaterian massacre! This is unspeakable sadistic war crime is  should be accountable  criminal Assad alone! The opposition mindful of this scaterian among Syrian, they have to work hard to over come this tragic blooded civil war conflict! 

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