Sunday, January 27, 2013

Surprise? Nop!

Terror horrendous slaughter house Syria become.  There is subtle changes and new development  slaughter house terrorist Assad butchering people with massive airstrikes all around Syria, and many places his personal gangs and army carried out massacre after massacres, so many people still fleeting neighbouring countries. Butcher Assad his self serving  utter gruesome slaughters house fantasy show, which befitting butcher’s promises to his client  he will  cleansing up Al-Qaeda  and accusing all the FSA revolutionary are “armed terrorist.” And Russia hold butcher Assad hands,  softly whisper to his ear with encouragement his killing spree in the killing field, gift of  money, vetoes and arms and their warships embanked Syrian waters flanking their equality gruesome feeble meanness.

Butcher Assad   mass releases al-Qaeda related extremists from his jails, mass media coverage of where about, their bravery and their achievement and their active activity front-line,  some of interview clearly out of main stream,  characteristically which against the Opposition  and but aimed to and  benefit to the butcher Assad.
US condemned  al-Nusrsa as a terrorist group association with al-Queda. 
Very timely, butcher Assad offered a dialogue with opposition in his own terms, while Russian condemning, the Opposition, their “unwavering” standing for toppling butcher Assad.

UN announcing all these aid distribution with the butcher regime. And now the butcher said all the people who fled should come back to Syria.

Now we know that John Kerry who met the butcher terrorist Assad many times ( dinned with their wives) and Kerry refers the slaughter house butcher  Assad as his “ dear friend” which he reserves for his only very few friend that was then.

Do you think, butcher Assad  offering baits to his "dear friend"  Kerry that " hey Kerry, come my killing field,  let's slaughter together,  name of al-Qaeda hunting, for old time sake!" 

Bit bizarre!? Surprise? Nop! We will see what is come next, that is all!