Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Where I am going when I am sad?

When I am sad I go there, place where I can turn around look around swing are around all beauties, rise from mighty dreams and  open window say “ good morning!”   flowers their hard work for overnight grooming their pretty faces to me,   dignified pearly tiara dew sloping morning fence elect her sunbeam altar for his majestic grace, nameless wild flowers at old stone fence gazing at the sun rise at their emblematic faces, brooding wind their kindles smile at gentle breeze, dark velvet morning sea her wet tined reddish hair kick her feet to greeting mighty dawn. Sky come to closer, stars clinks crescent eyeclips,  dogs barking hens greeting their day, sweet aroma clinks clinks, solemn chant from the temple  at morning breasts,  sun rise from night of mighty…  I rise like a red giant star!