Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dirty Politics

Russian president offers a refugee conference and promises to assist to Lebanon its Syrian refugees. That is sound good, but what a hypocrites Russia is, while they have been an amorous harlotry beneficent to criminal Assad with money and arms with unsc vetoes, so that he able to carry out  killing sprees, butcher more than 60,000 people and destroy whole county, millions of  people has been displaced internally and neighbouring countries.

Today what is Syria, its immense suffering is largely to blame to  the unsc and largely Russia.  Russia ill patched its harlotry of guarding their own selfish  interest and cuddling butcher criminal Assad, under regimental  banner “ its sovereignty or internal problems, meeting outstanding contract….” while Syrian people want international community  intervene. They  want to delay every action what may available to the world community, so that give terrorist Assad bidding time to bombing on the ground, carried out more butchering people, civilian more suffer more flee ( recently 20,000 people cross Jordan within a week), bluffing to the Opposition into a bargain! Russia is try to high-jack the Syrian problem with cold blooded malice and opportunistic way and to punish  Syrian people and US west et al.  Offering assistant of refugees  or conference nothing to do humanitarianreason for truly care about Syrian crisis,  rather protecting their bum inevitability of fail criminal Assad

UPDate: US is the biggest economy( no matter how much suffered last few years! Its rich foundation and    resources, immense possibilities bounce back) the biggest democracy, they are dragged by Russia, Russia hardily superpower outside of unsc, this Syrian problems must solved outside of unsc, any suggestion from Russia is bidding their time to supporting criminal assad!  The world are asking US leadership and carried out its moral obligation for befitting its creed and its position!