Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Revolutionary Obsessive Passion

Runway Russians!

Russia'sLavrov discussed about  Syrian Revolutionaryobsessive passion to topples terrorist  criminal Assad and freeing Syria fromoppressive tyrant criminal Assad family rule 40 years! Yeah!  Syrian people obsessives passion is just about become reality! No pain no gain!  You need an obsession, you need mad  to carried out this revolution! Without that madness you can not make impossible to possible, without obsession you can not dreams of dare, without that passion you can not successes!   Be obsessive topple criminal Assad...!

Here NYT also covering up Russian evacuation from Syria
...“Thank God they finally did it,” he said, of the evacuation by Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations. “I called and called. And now they really came through for us.”
The above comment is made by an evacuated Russian  to the press! What this mean, Russian government has been  discouraging their people evacuation!  that really look bad to criminal Assad, that is why their warship hangs around Mediterranean Sea in ready! While massive bombing and airstrikes civilian area, accusing the FSA et al terrorist,  Russia have been bluffing the Revolutionary  try to cheap deal!  I think the Opposition should not discrimination of Russian born Syrian citizen because of their country of origin, Russian government support criminal Assad!  They are innocence civilian like other Syrian people!