Sunday, January 27, 2013

The End is NOT Justified Means

The US$519 million (Dh1.9 billion) Humanitarian Assistance Response Plan (Harp), unveiled last week, aims to deliver what the UN says are life-saving food, water and medical supplies to areas affected by the deepening conflict
It was drawn up in close cooperation with the Syrian authorities and the document makes clear Syria's foreign ministry and other government departments will have a leadership role, helping to determine where the aid will go.

Relief funds will be channelled through government-approved organisations working inside Syria, including the Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

Opposition factions say the plan puts the UN openly on the side of the authorities, footing reconstruction bills for damage done by government forces trying to suppress a revolution.

"I'm utterly disgusted by it, I cannot believe the UN is allowing its aid to be associated with the regime, let alone giving the regime a supervisory role in how and where this money is spent," said an opposition activist from Homs. The central Syrian city is among the areas hit hardest by government efforts to crush the revolt that began in March 2011.

"Regime forces destroy the country and the UN will help them clean up their mess," he said.

On Tuesday, John Ging, the UN humanitarian operations director, said no relief money would be given directly to the Syrian government and insisted it would be distributed "with integrity, neutrality and on the basis of need".

However, speaking on condition of anonymity from Lebanon, a senior western aid official admitted those involved in relief efforts struggled over the ethical problems involved in working on Syria.

"I wrestle with this question every day," the official said. "By getting aid through we are, in a way, helping the government - it claims the credit for our work and as far as I'm concerned the regime is to blame for this disaster.

This is dealing with scums, terrorist Assad told UN that only aid should go through his hand while he is destroying the country and killing people, unless go thorough him there is no aid  to Syrian people from UN. So criminal wants to the Aid is as if his own, try to buy off people. UN is stupid ineffective. Why can’t  they try to supply the aid both ways, on the ground through the FSA revolutionary, local coordinators, instead give terrorist Assad regime  monopoly position to controlling “where to or who to”  who know  terrorist sell these aid for buying his arm!