Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Humanity Committed Suicide

The world is a silent murders  

US et al, they put themselves a center of mine field and afraid of stepping out! They dissect every possible angles, shivering themselves, may be blow up so  impossible move a inches steps! While they don’t want to arm the FSA revolutionary, while they made black list one of best armed and fighting group in a lighting speed- all other things are snail speed-  but they want terrorist Assad should go!  How could FSA fight without arms? They ganged up with Russia – who is the chief master of terrorist Assad, has its own agenda, yes everyone has their own agendas-  deprive FSA et al and try to con Syrian people to enter  fun-park rollercoaster  bargain with this unspeakable, unforgivable criminal Assad!

Update: US et al try not to get out of their center of mind of mine field, but I sure you all , you can not afford not to get out of your shivering center-postal-natal position! You have to gallop down your straight bourbon-risky factor, head into this conflict sooner the better, cost effective!