Thursday, January 31, 2013

How Lovely

Delusion, sorry human specie, after seeing so much killings destruction of. So my solace go to the outback where I am most comfortable with, I go there often,  people asked me why, don’t ask me why but you should go there , see yourself feel yourself and answer yourself, deserts to feel for, desert is become alive most fully, walking daily 8 hours with silences for a week that can fix you up. Yoga retreats become too commercial, mind you I used to stayed temple for while.  Also mind you my tainted soul  not really redeemable, I can say my wicked restless soul can not be tucked away by monkship. My monkship is very earthly sinful one, that is my negligence of religiousness soul.   Go outback, that is best,  abandon yourself for while become a mate of silence bedding with wild flowers, manful whimsical eyeballing with bluest sky, meet  ever so gentle butterflies at shy shade,  nameless chirpy birds, bending tongue tide rocks come with endless timeless horizon, sunset moon stars all these there for you,  wonders that way we made for. Thinking of after all we are part of them then why are we so unkind each other? Bizarre!!!