Monday, January 28, 2013

US Trillion Dollar Moral Lesson

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in their wide-ranging joint interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” defended what some critics have called the administration’s unwillingness to engage in the world, particularly on Syria, which Clinton called a “wicked problem.”
“We do nobody a service when we leap before we look, where we take on things without having thought out the consequences of it,” the president said, calling Syria a classic example of how the United States should be clear about its objectives whenever taking any action.

“We want to make sure not only that it enhances U.S. security, but also it’s doing right by the people of Syria and neighbors like Israel that are going to be profoundly affected by it,” he said.
Clinton called Syria a “wicked problem” that highlights the delicate balancing act of how to make sure U.S. foreign policy upholds American values and freedom in situations where the solution has the potential to be worse than the problem.

And as I wrestle with those decisions, I am more mindful probably than most of not only our incredible strengths and capabilities, but also our limitations. In a situation like Syria, I have to ask, can we make a difference in that situation? Would a military intervention have an impact? How would it affect our ability to support troops who are still in Afghanistan? What would be the aftermath of our involvement on the ground? Could it trigger even worse violence or the use of chemical weapons? What offers the best prospect of a stable post-Assad regime? And how do I weigh tens of thousands who've been killed in Syria versus the tens of thousands who are currently being killed in the Congo?

Those are not simple questions. And you process them as best you can. You make the decisions you think balance all these equities, and you hope that, at the end of your presidency, you can look back and say, I made more right calls than not and that I saved lives where I could, and that America, as best it could in a difficult, dangerous world, was, net, a force for good.

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, sleepless nights, wrestles their dementia moral dilemma, weighty of human life which life is precious than other, or which is more profitable than other, ever so careful after spend trillions dollars lesson from Afghanistan and Iraq, the trillions dollar love not really passionately be appreciated, very hefty cost for the heck of lesson! Now  they play safety,  their own mind chess game, if I move this in here there, leftward or rightward,  or hangs around with Russia bit more…, do nothing…, this minor part in here intent to larger part… or jump few step award… shivering into cascaded moral darkness.  Syria problems, all the oily rich Gulf states the want to open heir coffers why not take ride, which is cost side! Well others things Palestine, Israel, Syria…Iran etc, they can be solved, we human are born to solving problems, Curiosity at the Mar, Apollo went to the Moon, every problems can be solved. Have to change a thinking! Opposite way of thinking!

UPDATE: US underestimation of her power, the world community ask US leadership in practically in solving problems, but after dented by her previous  experience, she puts herself at the lonely centre at land mine field, she can’t stepping out in a inches of her feet, how about she puts herself outside of the mind field with host of friends!