Thursday, January 10, 2013

Quintessential Moral Buggering

Winter Brings Misery to Syria Refugees -NYT

Manic depressive World is, we should put the world into a lunatic shell for some frenzy- effective-sense-of-urgency  electric treatment so that it may comes around and face on its reality. The reality is “ 23 millions owned Syria, Syria belong to  23 million Syrian people!” you get it!? This is their great revolution after 40 years! This is great people dreams hopes, the world must listen and help!  That is your obligation!  Also the world must know,  the problems is one stupid criminal assad  refuses  to give up his family ownership of Syria! How dare he thinks he can destroy Syria in this way, put 23 million into the hell?  23 million is the master of Assad!  He is a mere stupid criminal terrorist!  FSA revolutionary must put him down, so that end of this immense misery, and take Syria back to their rightful ownership!  major power leadership  sitting at their cozy fire places  and  mulling over,  drinking nice wine one or two- watching immense human  misery as if their past times reality show, but remember “major power” back street gangsters can not keep doing  ineffective ego mongering punch-you-punch-me  sparing matches  at their geopolitical ring!  World cannot sitting there and  just clicking  over your internal turmoil maniac depressive remote control remotely-desperately, while publically foghorns their quintessential  principled  liberal or democracy or human dignity or humanitarian...etc  moral buggering!