Friday, January 11, 2013

Water Melon

I tell you how to select best water melon at your own super market - at field, mind you this is old family  secret,  learning from grandmama so it can't be wrong! 

 1) this is not quite ready vine is not dried yet so it is still growing, you should not pluck them leave them there!

 2) you can see vine are dried up, they are ready to have their red faces, first using your fingers taping them softly then you hear clear small drumming sound, the sound is must clear not plastic sounds  but crystal cobalt sounds, you get that? Summer giggles at your finger tips!  You just cut code vine and the huge water melon, they are quite big least 4-5 kg so bit heavy but you can manage because you are a big strong girl or a  big strong boy, make sure don;t drop it on the way if you do that HAHAH WOW.... you go back again your field supermarket! O I forget that it is a golden color spot should be there somewhere that is really ready!

3) the above are watermelon open their face to you, ready to crunch,  they are soft sweet juicy! when hot summer day they take your breath away after sweaty work out! When your brother are scolding you how greedy you are, you just don;t care you give him a huge snarling scolding back and full attention on your watermelon! and your grandmama would say " don't speak when you are having food....!" and you give him another scolding look murderously! Summer is acumen of winter seashell sound!