Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Professional Perfection

Now days sushi everywhere, mass factory production, almost fashionable to become awesomely tacky! Past on sushi bars, neatly  air tied sushi sucked noisy pollution  and dried them up at window,  you don;t know where they coming from, worrisome! I am shivering my food is a multilevel plastic tray in a delivery ban become my running mate early in the morning! Or rollerblading,  I don;t trust or afraid of having mass production of raw fish sushi or just seaweed sushi, unless they are made front of me! It is habit!  I may sick because of food poisoning or allergy as I have never ever ready made sushi! Sorry put on cold ices on your  lunch passion time everywhere soy sources sushi!   Years years having sushi lunch boxes mostly, I consider I am an expert sushi, don't ask me how to make them,  I don't know how! Anything cooking is not my league!