Monday, January 21, 2013

No Division


The Ras al-Ain branch of the Kurdish National Council in Syria called on the Syrian opposition on Saturday to intervene over an ongoing jihadist assault on the northern city located on the Turkish border."Since Wednesday morning, some armed groups have launched an offensive against innocent and unarmed civilians in Ras al-Ain using various types of heavy weapons and sowing fear and panic among children and women," a statement said."We condemn these cowardly attacks and call on the National Coalition, the Syrian National Council and the Free (Syrian) Army to pressure these militants to stop this criminal war, which is detrimental to the principles and objectives of the Syrian revolution," it said.The council said hardline rebels were indiscriminately shelling Ras al-Ain with tanks and called on Turkish authorities to "stop interfering and supporting armed groups to implement their own agenda"."We ask our fellow Syrians inside and outside the country to stand beside their brethren in Ras al-Ain," it concluded.Source: AFP.
Knowing, unsc meeting a week ahead and also 57 counties signatory for investigation war crime,  so terrorist Assad is preparing, something his master Russia can hook up defend for him. This time their theme is blaming Al-Nusra Group! this "Village of Haswiya Massacre" showed that they blaming Al-Nursa too! And the above, it is bit too obviously, criminal assad strategically withdrew Kurdish areas, so that Kurdish people and FSA revolutionary fight. FSA and Kurdish people should not manipulate by terrorist Assad.