Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mopstar's Metaphors Peace and Security

There is was Russian’ foreign minister complained the Syrian Opposition obsession for toppling criminal Assad then he was saying the below as:

“For now, everything is running up against the opposition’s obsession with toppling Bashar Assad’s regime,” Lavrov told reporters.

“As long as this irreconcilable position remains in place, nothing good can happen. Armed actions will continue and people will die.”

What is terrorist Assad doing is that intensive bombing Sunni Muslim areas, evoking sectarians, ethnic cleansing. Russia idea of all the bombing? Russia told terrorist assad carried out this tactic the way the Opposition into submission?  unsc is a mobster gathering, they represent their own interest under the banner of “ world peace and security.” Well that is also drug dealers’ metaphors for their dealing dark seedy under world protecting their own interest!

Intensive airstrike Homs, shelling more than 300 days?   So many innocent people were killed, how many people life unsc want? Why they protecting one this despicable  criminal assad instead innocence people? So it appears that unsc protecting despicable  assad name of " the world peace and security!" Russia every action, every statement is calculated to bid time for terrorist assad remain his power.  Russia is plays a big gamble, take it all or nothing! Even if Syria completely ransacked nothing left for its stands!

UPdate: Next few days unsc meeting is scheduled, so Russia may be  ask to assad airstrike  servery all around  Syria make sure,  extravagant propaganda undermining  about FSA et al " they are bunch of terrorist extremest...etc..."  shows terrorist Assad staying power so that  US et al hesitate or shiver to do anything! In my view this problems will not be  solved by unsc, because of Russia  but  Arabs only! So  no more unsc!

UPDATE: I think the FSA revolutionary the Opposition, must united, I hate say that the Opposition (National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces  membership) is also problems so much focuses their own interest while their people were slaughtered on the ground.  We may focuses on ask gulf countries direct assistant of arming FSA. Other side or Russia they should know it is too unrealistic or too late keep Assad power in any, after all of this?

UPdate: the Syrian opposition inside Syria is controlled by terrorist Assad, so whatever they says is from the criminal mouth!